Outreach Ministry



Saturday Morning Visitation

     We have an organized time of outreach on Saturday mornings at 10:30, where we extend a friendly invitation to those in our community who may not have a church home, but most importantly, share with them how they can know that they have an eternal home in Heaven.



Monthly All Church Outreach

     On the second Saturday of every month, we have a special time of outreach where we focus on saturating our community with the gospel. On this Saturday, we have church members assemble for a brief challenge, prayer and instructions. We divide into various groups to get the gospel out in several ways:

  • Knock on doors in our community inviting people to church and sharing the gospel with them
  • Canvas neighborhoods with church brochures
  • Label and sort postcards to send to invite those who have recently moved into our area to visit with us at Woodin Valley Baptist Church



Month of Witnessing

     During the month of September, we put special emphasis on the importance of outreach in our community. Every day during this month, we have several teams go out with gospel tracts and knock doors, canvas neighborhoods, and encounter people on the streets to share with them the gospel. In addition to this, we broaden our all church outreach from once a month to every Saturday.

At Woodin Valley Baptist Church, we have a desire to share the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ with our community. The church membership is encouraged to share the message of the gospel to those we come in contact throughout the week. We are a "soul-winning" church.